Luxurious Empire

We produce organic fertilizers / fortified organic composted using high technology and enriched with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Other Trace Elements, and also free from harmful pathogens .

Kami menghasilkan baja bio-organik yang di kompos menggunakan teknologi tinggi dan di perkaya dengan Nitrogen, Fosforus, Kalium, Magnesium dan lain-lain unsur surih, ia juga bebas dari patogen yang berbahaya.


Solution for Farmer

We also offering our customer with soil amendment products, customized formulation organic fertilizer and agricultural advice.

Kami menawarkan pelanggan kami dengan produk-produk pembaikpulih tanah, formula baja NPK organik mengikut kehendak pelanggan dan nasihat agronomi.


Great Products

The secret of our formulation to increase your yields is our ingredients including eco-friendly compost blend with high quality and series of inorganic fertilizer.

Rahsia kepada formula kami bagi meningkatkan hasil pertanian anda adalah bahan mentah yang berkualiti tinggi di adun dengan bahan kimia (inorganik) yang bermutu tinggi serta pelbagai formula mengikut jenis tanah pelanggan.


Our Innovation

We believe that through continuous innovation through research and development in agriculture provides the broadest range of opportunities and win-win situation for both, farmers and our company.

Our Services

Our services including land suitability evaluation for palm oil, coconut, bananas and cash crops, agronomic and fertilizer advisory services, plantation advisory visits, soil analysis, nutrients analysis (plant tissues -oil palm)


We produce bio-organic fertilizer in a professional and safe for the environment, to improve crops and save you the cost of fertilizer. You can put your trust in us ....

Welcome to Luxurious Empire

RIGHT CHOICE FOR SMART FARMER. We not only producing high quality of organic fertilizer, but also the best formulation for fortified organic fertilizer that ensures high yield for commercial crop especially oil palm.

Take a 5-minutes tour to explore our masterpiece products that will change your destiny in agriculture.

PILIHAN TEPAT BAGI PETANI BIJAK, Kami bukan sahaja menghasilkan baja bio-organik yang bermutu tinggi, tetapi formula baja terbaik dalam memastikan penghasilan anda adalah maksimum dan konsisten terutama tanaman sawit.

Take a tour to our  products

Customers Feedback

Every farmer and planter should use this products

Outstanding Products, Outstanding Yield, Outstanding Services...Every farmer and planter should follow these company. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

 En. Nahar, Bandar Tenggara

Not impossible to get yield for oil palm more than 1.4 Mt per acre/per month

Just follow the program, easy application and you will see the BEST result in 5-6 months.

Haji Mahmood, Tangkak


Call Us Now !

Please call us for FREE advisory and tips to increase your oil palm yield

Hubungi kami bagi mendapatkan nasihat untuk meningkatkan hasil sawit anda secara PERCUMA
Call our agronomist +607-663 8567 / +6016-330 7567
or email to us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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