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founded in 2010 and is engaged in manufacturing and promoting new technologies and green for agriculture.

Our products are specifically designed to increase agricultural productivity and at the same time provide the soil with essential nutrients to remain fertile, especially in the oil palm sector.  Our technology is also safe for the environment. Most of our fertilizer technology design provides macro and micro nutrients are optimal in order to improve yields maximum level continuously and consistently.


aspires to be an innovative leader in providing and supplying new technology and latest findings in fertilizer to agriculture industry. We also participating in local research for fertilizer and joint venture with cooperate Plantation Company.
LUXURIOUS EMPIRE brings together a dynamic group of practical and theoretical idea for latest finding in agriculture business especially fertilizer. We have maintained a research program in cooperation with young and aggressive researchers from University Putra Malaysia in strategic areas to improve productivity and efficiency in small holder and farmers. It utilizes the latest research findings, innovations and technological advances in crop science and information technology that are applicable.
Using our technology, we have also created our program in purpose to increase income of the small scale palm oil farmers and thus improved their livelihood. Our target for this program to give a new life to the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry as well as to the small scale palm oil farmers.
Today’s vision for the future of LUXURIOUS EMPIRE is to develop, produce and market new technology in fertilizer for all types users specifically in Palm Oil plantation. Our mission is to fulfill our customer need based on Quality, Consistency, Efficiency, Servicing and Satisfaction.









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