GROW-GANIC® (2-2-3+TE) is a pure organic fertilizer made from chicken manure, processed with high-techology fermentation process. The Carbon Nitrogen ratio is low. The fertilizer is suitable for use as an organic source of enriched soil and nutrient source for crop farming.

It can help:

a. Increase the rate of growth and root growth
Plants not only become stronger and healthier and even more results and the quality of the elements. It not only adds organic matter to the soil, but also other nutrients, including trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc and boron needed for plant growth.

b. Reducing nutrient losses
Bind nutrients in the soil and convert these nutrients into a form that is available for absorption by plants for use over long periods.

c. Increase water holding capacity (Humidity)
The presence of organic matter can increase the stake and the ability to absorb water, therefore it increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

Also enriched with humic acids, in addition to the zeolite and in the form of pellets for ease of application.

View the result by using our Grow-ganic (2:2:3+TE+HA+Zeolite+Organic)

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