Journals and Research

List of Journal and Research

1. Ammonia volatilization and ammonium accumulation from urea mixed with zeolite and triple superphosphate

    Authors : Osumanu Haruna Ahmed, Aminuddin Husin, Ahmad Husni Mohd Hanif

 2. Organic matter, carbon and humic acids in rehabilitated and secondary forest soils

    Authors : Lee Y Leng, Osumanu H Ahmed, Nik MA Majid, Mohamadu B Jalloh

3. Use of zeolite in maize (Zea mays) cultivation on nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus uptake and use efficiency

    Authors : OH Ahmed, G Sumalatha, AM Nik Muhamad - Int J Phys

4. Effect of Organic Based N Fertilizer on Dry Matter (Zea mays), Ammonium and Nitrate Recovery in an Acid Soil of Sarawak,   

    Authors : S Kasim, OH Ahmed, NMA Majid, MK Yusop, MB Jalloh - American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2009

5. Minimizing ammonia loss from urea through mixing with zeolite and acid sulphate soil

    Authors : OH Ahmed, CH Braine Yap, AM Nik Muhamad - Int. J. Phys. Sci, 2010

6. Reducing ammonia loss from urea and improving soil‐exchangeable ammonium retention through mixing triple superphosphate,

    humic acid and zeolite

   Authors : OH Ahmed, H Aminuddin, MHA Husni - Soil use and management, 2006

7. Use of clinoptilolite zeolite to mitigate nitrogen loss during co-composting of paddy husk and chicken manure

8. Use of clinoptilolite zeolite on selected soil chemical properties, dry matter production, nutrients uptake and use efficiency of Zea

    mays cultivated on an acid soil  

9. Use of clinoptilolite zeolite to reduce Christmas Island Rock Phosphate use Zea mays cultivation on an acid soil   2014

10. Maize (Zea mays L.) nutrient use efficiency as affected by formulated fertilizer with Clinoptilolite Zeolite              2014

11. Reducing Christmas Island rock phosphate use in Zea mays cultivation on an acid soil using humic acids