Our Company



Our company was incorporated in 2010 and basically it is engaged in the manufacture and promotion of new technologies and green for agriculture, particularly in Malaysia. Products specifically designed to increase agricultural yield and productivity, as well as treat and nourish the soil.

Nutrients supplied is safe for the environment, especially in oil palm plantations, rubber plantations and other commodity crops. Elements slow release (with macro and micro nutrients sufficient) that supply of crops such as palm trees with nutrients continuously and consistently.

We aspire to be an innovative company providing and supplying new technologies and breakthroughs in technology for the steel industry. In this context, Luxurious EMPIRE has brought together a group of researchers in practical and theory to find the latest methods and technology in agriculture, particularly fertilizer technology and methods of cultivation.
We also has maintained a research program in collaboration with young researchers and aggressive from Universiti Putra Malaysia in strategic areas to increase agricultural productivity. It uses the latest research findings, innovations and technological advancements in the field of plant science and information technology can be applied.

We use environmentally friendly raw material with high quality and processes to produce high quality fertilizer for agriculture, horticulture, commercial farms. Our semi-organic fertilizer is free from harmful pathogens. This is to ensure high yields for a variety of field crops, whether as a result of vegetables, fruit or other agricultural.


Overall innovation and technology designed to increase the production of commercial crops through:

  1. Increase agricultural yields and consistent high
  2. Supply requirements and the optimal balance of nutrients, including micro nutrients and organic matter.
  3. Improving soil structure and increasing water and nutrient holding capacity of the soil.
  4. Neutralize soil pH
  5. Reduce the loss of nutrients due to natural factors such as surface runoff, leaching, etc.


Our vision is to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental protection through the use of compost and organic products more agronomic.